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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cornish Rex Kitten, Blue Eyed, Seal Point with White


Lilac Peterbald Female Kitten playing with a Toy

Cowgirl Posh is not a straight coat because she has some wave, flip and frizz.  There is no top coat or guard hairs. The coat is very soft and silky.  Both parents are hairless but only the mom is born bald.
Born 7/4/16 video taken 9/16/16

Funny Peterbald Kitten Playing With Toy

Cowboy Pauly- blue eyes, chocolate Point male Peterbald available to a permanent loving home.
Heavy soft brush coat.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Photos & Description of Born Bald Retired Adult Peterbald Available

Cowboy Troy is a 1 year old black male neutered Peterbald.  He is a rare born bald which means he was born with no hair and has never had hair at any point in time during his life.  He is also a little more high maintenance than normally furry domestic shorthair cats.

He will need his ears and eyes cleaned at least weekly because he has no hair protecting them.  He will need his nails clipped weekly to prevent him from cutting his skin with a sharp untrimned nail. He will probably need a bath or spot cleaning with pet wipes from time to time.

He will need to wear a tshirt or sweatshirt, close-fitting, not too long, allowing freedom of leg movement.  If  your house is too cool or drafty for you to run around naked all day and night, then it's the same for him. He will spend all his time sleeping under blankets if it's too cool or drafty in your house and he has nothing to wear for warmth.

He is a gentle, super sweet, sensitive, loving cat who wants to sit in your lap and spend time with you. He is also playful and talkative.  He is more calm and less active by comparison to some of the more hairy cats.  He will do best in a calmer, more quiet home where he gets lots of individual attention and affection.  He is an indoor only cat.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Photos & Descriptions of Retired Adult Peterbald Cats Available

We have several recently neutered and spayed retired adult Peterbald cats available.  There are a variety of coat types and ages from 1 to 5 years.  They all have wonderful, people loving personalities and have been well socialized, living inside our house.  They are vet checked and up to date on shots.  These cats will make wonderful pets. Some of them are used to being the Top Cat and may not get along well with other cats you already have unless you are experienced at supervising introductions.

                 * * * * * *
 1 year old female, outgoing, friendly, talkative, playful, active, loving, gentle, light brush over suede, green eyes, about 6 pounds, healthy with no known issues

                        * * * * *
5 year old male, outgoing, friendly, affectionate, talkative with loud voice, born bald, about 10 pounds, chocolate with green eyes, will need routine cleaning of ears, eyes and body, prefers canned food.
                 * * * * * * * * * * *
4 year old male, outgoing, loving, friendly, talks, hairless about 8 pounds, chocolate point with blue eyes, will need routine cleaning of ears and eyes, sneezes during certain times of year
* * * * * * * *
3 year old female, quiet, gentle, loving, chocolate point with narrow blue eyes, soft short hair, about 6 pounds, will need routine cleaning of ears and eyes, has a more fragile immune system
* * * * * * *
1 year old male, mild mannered, very sweet & attentive to you, affectionate, playful, black/white with green eyes, short straight thin brush, about 10 pounds, no known health issues.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Peterbald Bald and Suede Kittens at play 8/29/2015

9 week old Peterbald Russian Sphynx brother and sister.
Brother is a blue eyed, red lynx point suede coat with hair losing feature.  Hair losing feature causes the coat to gradually lose fur over approximately a 3 year period of time,
Sister is a blue eyed, seal pointwith white born bald.  Born bald kittens never have hair at any point in time in their life.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Video of 8 Week Old Peterbald Kittens Playing

Video of 8 week old Peterbald (Russian Sphynx) kittens from Maracai "Marta" of CowboyClaws and CowboyClaws Long Tall Texan playing. Features a rare colored, blue eyed pointed chocolate tabby.  3 kittens were born with hair and have lost down to suede very quickly. 1 kitten is a born bald- not in this  video. This mating was a very good combination for early hair losing. Some combinations produce kittens with such a slow hair losing effect that it can take up to 3 years to finally complete the action. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Video of Peterbald Kitten Playing with Toy

8 month old born bald Peterbald (Russian Sphynx) kitten playing with toy.  Son of CH Gatika Codeli for CowboyClaws and CowboyClaws Long Tall Texan. He is the most rare coat type in a very rare and unusual breed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Link to Video of 7 Month Old Peterbald Kitten Available is the link to the video taken today of the Peterbald kitten we have available right now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Photos of 7 Month Old, Rare Born Bald, Peterbald Kitten Available

Scout is a beautiful, rare Born Bald Peterbald kitten born on September 28, 2014.  A Born Bald is a kitten or cat, born with no hair at all and never grow any hair at any point of time in life.  His skin is very warm, soft and supple. Some Born Bald kittens can be smaller than others in their litter and need supplemental feedings to survive.  Scout is just as big and strong as all of the other kittens in his litter and he was able to nurse normally. He has not had any illnesses or problems ever since he was born.

Scout is just now released for a warm, loving, permanent home.  He was under review for breeding/show potential but was released when another kitten developed the specific attributes being looked for to proceed with in the future.  The Peterbald is still in a developmental stage because it has not been in existence for that long and it is not a naturally occurring type.  The type has been created by outcrossing to Oriental Shorthair so that desired features are added.  At the same time, features not wanted are also acquired, so generations of work may be required to develop the look that you are interested in.  Then the cat association may change the interpretation of the Standard without notification while you have been actively attempting to meet the interpretation that was in effect. This further complicates the work to develop the breed.
The Born Bald is exceptionally important in a breeding program because the super baldness will usually result in all the kittens being born as brush coat the very least.  This has been my personal experience with many various lines over the past 15 years. I have never had a straight coat kitten born when one of the parents was a Born Bald.  The only way you know for sure you are working with a Born Bald cat and not a cat that had hair at some point in time in it's life, is if you have possessed the Born Bald since birth.  Often an adult cat can be as hairless as a Born Bald but a hairless adult cat is not a Born Bald unless it has always been bald since birth.  Over time many cats that had hair at one time can become completely hairless- these are not Born Balds.
When working with a Born Bald, the one thing you don't know is how fast of a hair losing genetic effect it possesses or even if it possess the hair losing genetic effect.  The most important quality of the Peterbald is the hair losing genetic quality.  Sometimes a Born Bald might actually have no ability to produce kittens that are born with hair and lose it.  This particular type of Born Bald will only give heavy brush coats.  In that case, if a kitten is being kept from that particular Born Bald, it is really important to pick a mate for that kitten in the future who has a very strong and early hair losing effect.  Otherwise, you may just produce Brush Coat Cats forever.  Brush Coat Cats are not really Peterbald because they do not have the unique feature that identifies the Peterbald as a breed, ie the hair losing genetic effect.  Brush Coat Cats are cats born with a heavy brush coat or who grow a heavy brush coat and keep it for their life.  Well, that's a generality of course.
So basically, the Born Bald distinction from a cat that becomes hairless as an adult, is only important when you are a breeder and want to outcross and more quickly move down through the generations to obtain the features you are trying to develop in a future early hair losing kitten.
Born Bald kittens who are weak, underdeveloped at birth or need additional personalized assistance and care to live, are not the kind of Born Bald we would be looking for to use in our lines. We are interested in strong, healthy kittens to move forward with, whether they are Born Bald or not.
Scout has been neutered, litter box trained, vaccinated 3 times with a series of virus vaccines, dewormed, vaccinated for rabies, checked by a veterinarian, blood tested for FelV/FIV/HW and PCR tested for common Feline Upper Respiratory illnesses.  He will be delivered with written Health Record, written details of the FIP/Genetic Defect guarantees and the Form to Complete for 2 months of Free Insurance.  Because of how super expensive the medical procedures are to assure the health and condition of Scout prior to going home, his price is $900.  However, the risk of a buyer getting a kitten somewhere else that has not been properly and reputably readied for his new home, is the possibility of a sick kitten that can cost you thousands and lots of heartache.  
Scout is a very gentle, loving, sweet boy with a laid back, easy going personality.  He is a people loving, lap cat who will bond closely with his owner.  He will want a very special relationship with his owner and will not enjoy being just another cat in a large group of animals.  He is an indoor only kitten who was born and raised underfoot in our home.  His color is chocolate tabby but he looks more of a tan brown (not as light colored as the photos appear)
Because we have been in existence for 15 years, we have learned how to work with this breed, which is more complicated than most breeds due to the wide variety of coat types and the closeness to the breed origin created by inbreeding.  Many catteries work with the breed for a few years and then move on to something else. They may not have worked with their lines long enough to know if they have defects they should weed out. 
Email if you are interested in Scout. There is an Application Form to complete prior to meeting him. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Peterbald Kittens Available Now

We have 2 male Peterbald kittens who are 6 months old and available to a permanent, loving, pet home.  These kittens were raised inside my home with my family.  They are very sweet, gentle, loving, outgoing and friendly.  They love attention and cuddling. One is a born bald chocolate tabby and his brother is a suede coat chocolate point.  They get along well with each other if you wanted two.

On my website,, if you scroll down a bit on the "available" page, you can find the details of our policies and procedures.

You can also contact me about future Peterbald retired adult cats and future kittens.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Retired Adult Cats Available For Sale Now

We have a few retired Adult Peterbald cats available for sale as pets.  There is also a retired adult Cornish Rex cat looking for his forever pet home.  You can find information on our website at

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Texann's 3 White Peterbald with Different Coat Types

Texann had 3 white Peterbald kittens that show some of the different coat types that this breed can have.  Since they are all the same color and from the same litter, it's easier to make comparisons without the distracting color or age difference interference.

The kitten on the far right as you look at the photo is a blue eyed straight coat Peterbald about 12 weeks old. This kitten does not carry the Peterbald gene and if mated to another straight coat Peterbald, would only produce straight coat kittens.  This kitten will never lose her coat and her coat will always stay this same consistency. 
If the Peterbald lines being used are pure for only Oriental Shorthair outcrosses, then this kitten would end up looking similar to a pet quality Oriental Shorthair.  However, most Peterbald have so many different breeds of cats as well as domestic shorthair in their pedigree from when the breed was first begun, that many straight coats may not be that close in texture and type to the Oriental Shorthair. 
The Peterbald kitten in the middle is an odd eyed brush coat.  He was born with a heavy wirey brush coat but has since lost enough fur to be a thiner short brush where the skin beneath is showing.  He may grow more fur or he may lose the fur he has now.  You never know exactly what coat a brush coat kitten will have as an adult until they are two and often three years of age. 
The peterbald kitten on the left as you look at the photo was born without fur.  However, since his birth, he's grown some fur points.  Fur points are soft velvety coat on head and legs/feet.  The tail could also have velvety fur, brush fur or no fur in that situation.  Then he has some slight soft downy hairs on his body if you look at him up close.

In this second picture, the brush coat is far left, straight coat is middle, and fur point is on the right.  It's much easier to see the differences in person than it is in a picture.  The pinkish color on the body is the skin tone showing through.  Often if a kitten is born hairless, the skin will be pink even though the kitten's fur would have been some other color.  The fur color may not be the same as the skin color.

If they move all around like this can you tell which one is which when they get through?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brush Coat Red White Peterbald - Dimitri

Dimitri is a 7 month old brush coat red /white Peterbald kitten.  He's laid back and calm, with a relaxed personality.  He's very affectionate, loving and gentle.  He gets along well with all of my cats with his easy going ways.  He loves to sleep with you, to sit in your lap, and to be petted.  He loves to be by your side as much as possible. He probably weighs about 6 pounds right now so he may weigh 8 pounds as an adult.
Video of Dimitri

Slide Show of Dimitri: 

He's looking for a loving permanent pet home.  There's a detailed application form that must be completed if anyone is interested in him.  We want to be sure that the home he goes to will be a safe, loving home that can properly provide for him in every way.